DIY/ Woodworking

Farmhouse Bench & Upcycled Chairs

After finishing the Farmhouse Dining Table we wanted to make a bench for seating on one side of the table. We found the plans to match the table here.

We modified plans slightly, and left off the piece that joined the 2 legs together each end, it seemed more than sturdy without them.

After a good sanding, we were ready to use the same weathering technique we used on the table. Details on that can be found here.

Now we had a bench for seating on one side, but no other chairs. Luckily, I found a set of 4 pretty oak chairs on a online yard sale page that someone was selling for $40 total (yes, only 10 bucks each, what a steal!!!!).

They looked pretty as they were, but unfortunately would not go with our new table, so I sanded them and repainted them with some chalk paint spray paint and they look great with our new table and bench.

The 2 chairs that we have for either end of the table were a bargain, I ordered them off of amazon for grand total of $127 for the pair with free shipping. Here is the link for the ones we ordered.

Here is our finished set up. Please excuse the bare walls and lack of decorating in there. Now that we can actually spend time in our dining room we can work on getting the whole thing finished!