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Herb Planter

Lowes & Home Depot were having a sale on a lot of garden stuff, including garden soil and herbs, so of course we had to check it out. The main reason we needed to go was for some gardening soil. They had huge bags, 5 for $10 and I needed some to plant with the fruit trees. While we were there though we grabbed 4 herbs; Basil, Thyme, Rosemary and Parsley.

The idea was to just have a few herbs on the back porch but I really wanted to create a similar planter I saw on Pinterest. All I needed was a large board, mason jars, some stain, couple of 3 1/2″ hose clamps and a willing helper.

I had some leftover boards from a previous project plus some stain so I got to work cutting it to size. Because Carina can’t seem to throw anything away, there were a dozen empty mason jars in the cupboard. I measured them to be about 3″ in diameter, then I added 2″ spacing on the outside and in between to come up with roughly 17″ board.

Cutting the board down to length for the wall planter.

After I cut the board I sanded it down so it was nice and smooth, then I beat the hell out of it! I wanted to give it a distressed look so I used a wire brush, hammer and a few odds & ends to give it a worn look.

Distressing the board for the wall planter.

Next came the stain. I used the same technique we did with the bench and curtain rods. First I applied a weathered gray, after that dried thoroughly I coated it with a dark brown and the finished product turns out pretty nice (imo).

Distressed board, then stained gray and finally stained dark brown.

Next we need to attach the hose clamps. This was a little more involved than I anticipated. I tried to just screw right through one of the holes but it just broke the screw eventually and added a knick in my nicely stained board. Next I tried to drill a larger hole first but it just wasn’t cutting through the metal. Luckily my brother walked by and mentioned why a driver is better than a drill in this instance. Using his driver and the same drill bit, it went through easily. Now all I had to do was evenly space and screw to the board.

3 1/2″ Clamp, drilled a hole on one side and screwed into the planter board.

The final step before attaching the jars was to plant our herbs in the mason jars, this is where my little helper can in handy. We walked around the yard collecting rocks to put in the bottom of each jar – to allow the water to filter to the bottom and not soak the roots. Then we added a little planting soil and jammed the herbs in the top! I say we jammed them in because it took some work to get them in there – unfortunately we were using a small mouth lid because these were just left over from spaghetti sauce or something and not the wide mouth mason jars recommended in the pinterest post.

Camdyn planting the herbs in the mason jars.
Camdyn finished planting all the herbs in the mason jars.

Once we were done with the planting, I slipped each jar through the clamp and tightened it up. And there you have it, an herb wall planter! Next I just need to find a place to actually mount this on the kitchen wall.

Camdyn holding the final product, our Herb Wall Planter.

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