Honey and the Bees

I LOVE honey!

A common site along the roadside.

Need I say more? Ok, well I guess there’s a little more to this story. So let’s start with the Carolina Mountains. I’m not sure about you guys but going up to the mountains – Asheville, Gatlinburg, Chimney Rock, etc – is almost a yearly trip for us. Whether we’re staying up in a cabin in Pigeon Forge for a week, taking a motorcycle trip up to Boone for the weekend, or just heading up to the Apple Orchards in Hendersonville; one way or another we make it a point to visit. To be honest, I imagine it’s the same for most Carolinians; if there’s one thing these two states have in common it’s our love for sweet home Carolina. So anytime you drive up to the mountains you can’t help but pass dozens of Fresh Local Honey stands and it’s only natural we should patronize these local shops over big box stores. The more honey I bought the more I began to love it but then something happened… I found The Savannah Bee Company.

Chain Store Sellout?!

Most ignorant people will say “honey is honey”, but if you’ve ever stepped into The Savannah Bee Company and run through the many taste testing options you’ll know that each one is significantly different. Who would have thought that given the location and type of nectar that bees drink from could produce such a varying taste of a much loved staple. I wouldn’t say I’m a honey snob connoisseur but I do enjoy placing a bit of honey on my tongue and letting it melt in my mouth while I experience all the flavors mixed by these little nectar chefs we call Honey Bees. Lets be real though, as awesome as this place is, it’s a luxury and I only really get to stop by when I go down to Savannah or now Myrtle Beach. So local shops are still my preferred vendors of honey but every now and then a little treat is OK.

So many to choose from!

Must learn more…

Image via Flow

This new found love for all things honey got me to doing a little research about honey production. Now this was a few years back and at the time there was an Indiegogo campaign promoting a new, sophisticated bee hive called Flow Hive. This thing – in my eyes – was revolutionary! You literally install a crank, do a 90 degree turn and honey begins to pour from a plastic tube connected to the hive. I looked at this for several days thinking.. heck, even I could become a beekeeper with this kind of hive. How hard would it be to set this up, toss in some bees and instantly have honey on tap? Flow Hive is the way to go (or so I thought)!

Let’s get real now

This idea stuck with me for a few years… fast forward now to 2015/16 and Carina and I are out looking for our new home. At this time one of our requirements was to at least have 1 acre of land and no HOA. We had a ton of little projects we wanted to do and starting a beehive was pretty high on that list. When we sold our old house I went out and purchased some books on honey bees, downloaded a few eBooks and guides, watched a handful of documentaries and performed massive amounts of research. Right now I’m reading The Bee Book by DK that I found on Amazon.

Loving this book right now!

Oh yea, this is happening

So this brings us up to March 2017. We’re now moved into the new house and I’ve begun planning out my apiary, garden and orchard. I’m attending Beekeeping Association meetings and trying to build a network of beekeepers that I can learn from in the area. With that teaser, I’ll bring this post to an end. Next step is to find a good beekeeping supply source and purchase materials and bees. I’ll try to gather more links and resources for anyone else out there interested in beekeeping and please feel free to drop some links in the comments if you have any good recommendations for me as well.


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