Our Family

Welcome to Homemade Carolina from me, Carina, my amazing husband Travis, and our 2 beautiful boys, Camdyn & Colton. We wanted to tell you a little about our family just in case you were at all interested.

Travis and I met in 2002 right after I moved here from England, where I had spent my whole life up until that time, and not to sound corny or anything, but I knew right away that he would be the one I would spend the rest of my life with. I’m not too sure that he felt quite the same that quickly as it took him 6 years to ask me to marry him!


We were married in May of 2010, and despite turning into Bridezilla when the rain started, delaying my beautiful outside ceremony, it was still wonderful, and the best day of my life ( up until our little bundles of joy arrived, then it tied with those!).

We continued to live in our first home together, and would travel on occasion but couldn’t go too far away because Travis generally will not fly, apart from a trip back to England once that my Dad had paid for and he couldn’t back out of, and a vacation that I had won to Alaska including a cruise with Balcony cabin. Anything other or from here on out is by land or sea, but that hasn’t stopped us from seeing and experiencing new things including 2 trips by boat across the Atlantic!

In December of 2012, we welcomed our first son, Camdyn Tiberius Wilson, into the world. Travis wanted Tiberius as his first name but I couldn’t bring myself to let him, so middle name it is (even though it has grown on me a little more now, but don’t tell Travis. haha).

Camdyn playing with eggs!

Our lives were now completely changed, everything revolved around Camdyn and our family and not just the 2 of us, and it has been the best thing ever. We love our little monster so much even though he can be quite the handful at times!

He loves snuggling and is a people person to the extent where he will hug random people stacking shelves at the grocery store. He has boundless energy, and is so smart he really shocks me sometimes with the way he solves puzzles and his problem solving is so good. He makes us so proud to be his parents every day!


Valentines Day 2016 I start having contractions late in the evening and the next afternoon our little baby boy Colton Tobias Wilson arrived. So now we are a family of 4 and it is so wonderful. Both my boys are great and they each have their own personalities. Colton isn’t  a snuggler like Camdyn, instead he likes his independence and wants to go exploring all the time.

I should probably mention our fur-babies too, we have Ellie, our Chihuahua, Kiba, Our Husky and Chii our kitty.


Our Home


Now, after almost 2 years of trying to find our new family “forever” home we finally moved into our new construction house January 2017. It is across the street from the lake with nearly 2 acres of land and is everything we ever wanted.

So now the fun begins with making this new house into our home, working on fun projects, making magical family memories, and sharing it all here.