“What the heck is a Skoolie?”

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That was my response when Carina told me she wanted to convert her very own skoolie. Thank you HGTV for yet another crazy idea. When she first told me about it I honestly just glazed over and brushed it aside. Several weeks later I was bored and not sure why but I googled Skoolies. The initial idea seemed far-fetched but after some research I started feeling the itch to convert my own skoolie as well!

I started feeling the itch to convert my own skoolie as well!

One thing I always do though is research, research, research. I can’t even consider something until I’ve spent at least an hour researching it – I guess it’s my OCD kicking in. So apparently a Skoolie is another name for School Bus Conversion where you take an ordinary school bus and convert it to a Tiny Home or RV. And after about an hour or two I came back with a plan for converting a skoolie that included electrical, plumbing, design and layout – haha. I was hooked and ready to get started as well.

Are you crazy?

So why would we consider taking on such a massive task? Why not buy an RV or just travel like normal people?! Well we actually did look into buying an RV about 4-5 years ago. We even went to one of those conventions where they roll in several RVs for you to walk through and check out. So owning an RV has always been a want of ours… but why road trip?

Well that one’s a little more difficult to explain but the short answer is; I don’t fly. Yep you heard that right; I don’t like to fly. My anxiety kicks in, panic attacks occur and it’s just a terrible experience for me and those sitting next to me. So I stay grounded for the most part – unless I’m on a boat. I’ll go more into my “issues” at a later date. Lastly, when we do travel I hate that the kids are strapped into a car for hours on end with limited access and nothing to do. Now I’m not saying I see them running around the bus/rv while we’re moving but a more comfortable solution with access to food, fun and games plus the occasional leg stretch without having to pull over sounded like a brilliant idea.

So now what?

Ok – so we have the “why” out of the way, and the “when” is pretty simple – ASAP. But what about the “how”? Well I guess we’ll figure that out along the way. For now we’re eyes open looking for our school bus, ready to take on the challenge of converting an RV on a budget, designed how we like it. Keep checking back for updates on this crazy, massive project!

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