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Window Bench

As if we didn’t have enough new hobbies, I went and added woodworking to the list as well. I actually wanted to start some woodworking back in the old house but we didn’t have the space for either working or any creations so I put it on hold until we got the new house. Now that we’re in here I jumped right in with a neat plan I found from AnikasDIYLife.

So I wanted to start out kind of easy and I found this plan to build an Upholstered X-Bench using 2 x 4 boards . It was a hella easy plan to follow. I started out making all of the cuts which went well until I tried attaching the X legs and realized I didn’t do precise 30┬░ angle cuts and had to go back and tweak it slightly. I did end up with a few gaps but nothing that looked so terrible that made me want to go back and recut. After all the cuts were complete I attached the legs using my new Kreg Jig that I picked up from HomeDepot during Black Friday last year. My only complaint with this step was the small X cuts just weren’t wide enough to fit two screw holes on each side, I ended up drilling across the first drill holes and it looked quite messy. I figured it was on the back side and I was staining dark brown anyway so I left it as is but if I make another one I think I’ll use a smaller screw and maybe only 1 screw per side.

All cuts complete and attached.

The only other issue I ended up with was with the wood glue – I had some glue squeeze out from the legs and instead of cleaning it well I just ran my finger over it and spread it across the leg. This wasn’t so bad but after the stain had set I could see how it didn’t penetrate the wood well enough because of the glue. I used a dark brown stain and a weathered gray mixing them around just like Anika recommended – unfortunately I went a little heavy on the brown but I think it turned out well in the end. I may decide to go back at some point and sand it down in parts and restain to try and clean up the glue mess.

After finishing up the bench base we started on the cushion. There’s a pretty large fabric store in Belmont called Mary Jo’s Cloth Store that Carina wanted to check out so we hit that up and found everything we needed; cushion, stuffing and cloth from the discount bin that was exactly the style fabric we were looking for. Besides the awesome find on the fabric the cushion padding, batting and polyfill were a little overpriced (imo – but I don’t buy this kind of stuff so what do I know). After making our fabric cuts we attached it to the bench top using nothing more than a large stapler. I think we could have tightened up the edges and corners a little more but it was really a guessing game with it turned upside down and trying not to pull it too taunt.

The finished product complete with cushion top.

All in all I think the final product came out really well and we were very happy with the end results. I want to make another one of these either for the opposite window or maybe for the foot of our bed but we’ll ┬áhave to extend it or it’ll look a bit short for the bed. If we do this again I’ll be sure to take more pictures of the process, we were just in a hurry to get a few projects completed before Colton’s birthday so we didn’t spend too much time taking photos.

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